Product Sourcing

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Product sourcing is a form of service based consulting that has been a key component in both price discovery and supply chain resilience for decades in manufacturing, distribution wholesale and retail. As more and more companies increasingly compete on a global scale, these strategies have critical implications for mid-size and even small businesses of all types. However, product sourcing isn’t just for those companies that compete on a global scale. Any company can benefit from the time and money savings that stem from proper product sourcing. By using a company that has the established relationships and know how, you can save millions of dollars over time in approporiate procurement. More than that, a true product sourcing specialist is able to source products outside their industry. They engange in what is known as inter-industry product sourcing and procurement. 

Simply put, inter-industry product sourcing and procurement follows the simple principle that the product sourced is customer focused and not industry focused. This allows the specialist to properly procure items from various industries for a single company and allows for sourcing of new items. This in turn, creates a savings to the customer in both time and money.  

By engaging our customers, we learn about their business, their business needs and business wants and from there develop a product recommendation designed to ensure their success. Inter-industry product sourcing allows ESE to maintain a competetive edge by becoming a one stop shop for our customers. 


No more different invoices

No more different due dates  

No more different forms of payment

No more different purchasing methods

And no more wasting time.  



With ESE Business Solutions we are a single vendor offering all your business needs under one roof and with our manual inventory monitoring program you’ll never waste your time again.  To ensure our customers have a headache free experience we allow our customers to order by phone, website or with their dedicated sales representative.  



We are truly your one stop shop for convenience.